Who Picked Who??

Many owners ponder over the selection of a puppy. I myself as I have gotten pups over the years, weighed their temperaments, size, and cuteness to make my selection. Until my last pup. I went to look at the pups in the litter, and this pup came running to me. I petted him but quickly went to a different puppy that caught my eye. As I kept going through looking and testing each puppy for the perfect puppy, this little guy kept coming back to me, fighting for my attention. I finally stopped to realize that he was trying to tell me something. He was actually picking me! Since that day I have lived by that motto, and encouraged clients to do the same. He is my best friend and I know that he will love me because he picked me to be with forever!

I PICKED YOU!  By Your Puppy

I knew today was going to be special I just had a feeling. I knew you were here before I even saw you. I heard the sound of your car pull up, and then your scent when you opened the door. I knew you were the one, and I was hoping that you would see me first. As you came in the room all of my brothers and sisters greeted you, I told them before you came, that I knew you came for me. I am the one that will be by your side for many days to come.

Be good to me, as I trust you no matter what. I will be with you in times of happiness , times of sorrow, through sickness and in health. I will make you laugh and make you cry. Always know I love you and I have picked you to be with me forever.

As we go through our days, I will be there for you listening to all that you have to say. I will gaze into your eyes and let you know that I am here for you with all my heart. Many things I won’t understand, but know that I will be there of comfort whenever you need me. Always know I love you and I have picked you to be with me forever.

I have tried my hardest to learn all that they tried to teach me. Some things I am really good at, others not so much. Please be patient with me, I am still young and need to practice all I have learned. I promise to do my best for you every day, please promise to do your best for me. Together we can conquer the world.

We will share the sunrise, and sunset. We will share the rain and play in the puddles, we will sit on the beach and look out at the wondrous world together. I will be there for you, please be there for me.

When my dying days arrive, and I can barely walk please be with me, but don’t be scared, because all you have to know is that will keep my loving eyes fixed on you. Always know I love you and I have picked you to be with me forever.

I want us to make a promise from this day forth.You love me and I love you back, and we will always love each other forever.

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