Training With Play

Puppies and dogs alike will learn more if they are having fun!  A puppy’s attention span is extremely short and time to process what is being taught is required. Short sessions of “empowered playtime” are the key. Tunnels, ramps, children’s toys are all part of our equation. Hide and seek, the muffin pan game, are ways puppies learn manners, obedience and social skills. Interacting with each other in a puppy game of tug addresses many puppy nipping and mouthing issues.

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Brain Games

Mental stimulation of our dogs is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing what a tremendous benefit this has on long term abilities of our dogs.  Fortunately this is something we learned at Training Canines, many years ago.  A puppy or a dog will actually get more tired from using their mental capabilities than physical.  We work on specific concepts of training from various paw/mouth/eye coordination activities to teaching the puppies to actually read flashcards!