Early Scent Introduction

When we first began researching puppies we came across a study was done over the course of seven years by stimulating the olfactory sense of pups from the age of 3 days thru 16 days. This study proved that puppies who participated in the ESI (Early Scent Introduction) placed higher in field trials, and accomplish higher placement as much as three years sooner.   Even though we are not training dogs for field trials, we wanted to know if this would have a positive outcome on our puppies also.

For the first three years we actually used fresh cut grass, real lemons & limes, sprigs of jasmine and lavender, even rain!  We began compiling data and were amazed what we found.  We sorted the scents into categories of environmental, calming, and stimulating.  We found that puppies who liked various scents had specific personality traits.  Taking it a step further we than found a company to produce twelve specific scents for us in the form of an essential oil.  This way we could make sure that all puppies had the same controlled concentration of the scent.  We uncovered that the scents will actually tell us the learning, focus and socialization capabilities of the puppy!  What a discovery!!  This now enables us to know how each individual puppy will learn and respond in a given situation.


Being armed with this type of information has proven tremendous results in our program.  It enables us to provide a custom blueprint for each puppy based on how they learn, what their attention span may be, along with any fears of new situations.  Having this knowledge helps us change and focus on the puppies temperament, enhancing their natural given abilities, and providing them with the guidance to face any fears.

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