As of March 18, 2021 we have three puppies available.   Chewie and Coco will be available to go home March 25th.  We sell trained puppies only.  Please visit the Pricing Page to learn more.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents

Belle carries herself as a queen as she prances around the farm.  She loves attention and does what she can to make sure she has yours.  She makes herself at home as her “throne” is our bed!  She is a wonderful mom and takes great care of her puppies.  She is 45 pounds.  Ty is an energetic sweetheart.  He is always wanting love and hugs.  He comes from a champion bloodline and has a loving and happy spirit.  He is always smiling as he is so happy to see his family.  He enjoys the snow so much he could play in it all day.  His temperament will melt your heart.  He is 80 pounds.


Meet the Breeder

Blue Ridge Bernese is located in Hillsville, Virgina.  Leah and her sister Hailee have grown up with their family breeding dogs.  For twenty years their family raised German Short Haired Pointers, English Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers.  Learning all they could and growing up in the industry, has the sisters excited on their  venture of their own successful breeding business.  Leah and her husband have eight acres in the mountains that they share with their three Bernese Mountain Dogs.  She fell in love with the breed when her parents gave her her very first Bernese at 13 years old.  Belle belongs to Hailee and Ty belongs to Leah.  They are the breeder of Snickers, Coco, Rolo, and Chewie. Visit Leah’s Instagram Page   or her website

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