The Newborn Puppy’s Early Training Schedule

Did you know that puppies are blind and deaf when they are born?  They do not fully develop their hearing or sight until anywhere from ten to 20 days after they are born. However, their scent and touch abilities at this time are remarkable. They are very aware of temperature changes and do not like to be too cold or to hot or they will surely let you know! Because of this training sessions are short and to the point. With the Bio-Sensor training we work each pup in various positions. Stimulating specific parts of their body with little swabs, actually Q-tips are what we use. There are six different exercises that we will perform along with exposing them to very minor temperature changes. All of these will help stimulate their brain and help them deal with stress. It almost doesn’t seem that it would make a difference, but it really does. Puppies are born without fear. In fact fear is something that shows up in a dog around 5-6 weeks. We teach the puppies that they must figure it out for themselves and work through the issues. Basically we are teaching ourselves to talk dog! Watch a new mother with her pups; it is amazing how she knows just what to do. She is actually stimulating their senses right from birth. The entire licking and cleaning that she does to them is what helps them develop.

ESI or early scent introduction will also start at this age. Think of how specific scents that we smell put us in a certain place or time. The dogs scent receptors are 25 times more than ours. What that means is they can actually smell something from as far as several hundred feet away. Some breeds such as Labradors can actually smell things that are miles away and days old! With the puppies having these types of capabilities we are just enhancing upon them. The scents we will use are calming scents, along with daily scents of rain, grass, and other outdoor items.

As their ears open we will then start introducing the sounds. Remember dogs learn by association, so we are very careful what we are associating for our puppies. No harsh sounds will be played at an early stage, soothing sounds, and blind noise will be introduced. Blind noises are the sounds that go on in the background that we never really pay attention to. For example a refrigerator running, or a clock ticking, we know they are happening yet we don’t focus on hearing them. Even the sound of breathing is a blind sound.

As their eyes start to focus we will start with color for them. We will show them contrasting colors in the spectrum that they will be able to see. Objects will be used for them to play with that are easy for them to focus and work on their dexterity skills and maneuverability. We will work with each puppy individually on many items. We are building confidence in our pups and teaching them that they can be by themselves without there littermates. That is an issue that I have seen in the past, pups are to closely dependent upon littermates for confidence and therefore have a very hard time adjusting when they go to their new homes.

We will be posting videos and pictures of everything we are doing. Follow along, as we will have a specific page in our website for each and every pup. It will show of their progress along the way.  Visit us at or on Facebook

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