On May 14,2020 Sophia and Professor had their babies. All puppies have been spoken for.  Please check our other sheepadoole pages for puppy availability. Please note we sell TRAINED PUPPIES ONLY.  For pricing information and more about what they will be learning visit our Pricing Page

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents

Sophie is a happy girl that loves to be with people!  She loves to play and literally looks like a ballerina as she gracefully runs across the yard.  Professor is the quintessential example of an old English Sheepdog. He is extremely intelligent, that’s how he got his name! He loves to be chased and fought for belly rubs.  These puppies will surely carry their parents temperament.  Professor is a purebred AKC registered Olde English Sheepdog.  Sophie is a AKC registered Standard Poodle. Therefore this litter is an F1 breeding. There will be little or no shedding and pups may also be hypoallergenic.  Mom weighs 52 pounds and Dad 70 pounds.  The puppies will be in that range.

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Meet the Breeder

Traci Passmore has been breeding puppies for 15 years.  Her focus has been Golden’s and Poodles, and she has also fallen in love with Doodles!  Being a retired teacher has driven her to research and learn the best breeding practices.  Care of her breeding stock prior to whelping is something Traci knows well. Happy and healthy puppies come from happy and healthy parents.  You will be sure to find her on the constant search of up to date techniques for the care and raising of her dogs.  It is truly a family affair as everyone in her family plays a very important  part in caring for and placing the puppies.  Traci and her husband have been married for 29 years and enjoy their adult children and their three granddaughters.   A passion Traci shares with her granddaughters is a love for Disney!  Many of her litters have something related to the enchantment of the Disney theme.  Visit Holly Hill Goldens