Our litter has arrived!  We have four girls and one boy that will be
ready for their homes December 2, 2019.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents

Remi and Bing had 8 beautiful puppies on August 9, 2019. Remi thinks she is human rather than a canine and loves rides to the car line to pick up her 3 human siblings from school.  Bing is a big teddy bear, loves to give bear hugs, and to stay close by his humans. These puppies will surely carry their parents temperament.  Bing is a purebred AKC registered Olde English Sheepdog.  Remi is a CKC registered F1 Sheepadoodle. This litter is a Reverse F1b litter, which means each puppy is 75% Olde English Sheepdog and 25% Standard Poodle.  There will be little or no shedding and pups may also be hypoallergenic.  Remi is 55 pounds and Bing weighs 80 pounds.  Their puppies should be between 55-80 pounds as well.

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Meet the Breeder

Rebecca’s first love was becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.  After falling in love with her first sheepadoodle she knew she was hooked.  Her medical background and knowledge of genetics allows her to approach breeding from an educated and evidence based perspective.  Rebecca and her husband Nick are South Carolina natives.  They have two daughters that play a very important part of their socialization training within their breeding program. You can visit their website at DoubleUDoodles.com

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