We are so excited to bring Sheepadoodles to the Empowered Puppy Program.

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Meet the Parents

Daisy Mae and Percy had 10 beautiful puppies on June 3, 2019.  Daisy Mae is two years old and her sweetness carries over into her puppies.  Percy our dad will do anything for a belly rub.  These puppies will surely carry their parents temperament.  Both parents are AKC purebred which makes this litter an F1 litter.  Which means each puppy is 50% Olde English Sheepdog and 50% Standard Poodle.  Daisy Mae is 45 pounds and Percy weighs 55 pounds.  Their puppies will be between 45-55 pounds as well.

Early Learning

Watch as the puppies experience our early scent test.  This test is conducted over 12 different days with 12 different scents.  Scents are broken into categories of stimulating, environmental, and calming.  At the end of the testing we will learn the puppies learning, socialization, and focus capabilities.  From these results an individual blueprint for each of the puppies personality is formed.

Meet the Puppies

We have one girl available, our sweetheart Ellie.  She is 14 weeks old and has completed our 12 week program along with continuing her socialization and practicing her commands.  She is a happy go lucky girl who loves everyone she meets.  We sell trained puppies only, and their temperament training begins at 14 days old!  She is an F1 Sheepadoodle and can be registered with the CKC.  Please visit the pricing page to learn more about what puppies will learn going through our program.  Cost:  $6500.

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Meet the Breeder

Rhonda Moss is a lady of passion, love, and most of all a woman who does an excellent job to breed the best possible puppy.  Her career started 8 years ago breeding Golden Retrievers and transitioned into doodles because of the hypoallergenic capabilities of the dogs.  What caught our eye with Rhonda is she cares just as much as we do in matching puppies with their families.  She told us that she never knew she would make so many lifetime friends.  Rhonda has great puppy helpers with her husband and granddaughters.  We are thrilled to have Rhonda a part of our program.
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