Puppies, gotta love ’em!

Puppies, we all love them, they are so cute yet they tend to come into our household and control our lives!  I went on a training today for a very young puppy of 13 weeks old.  The owners were so afraid this puppy was being dominant and showing signs of aggression that they were already thinking they may have to re-home the dog.

I walked in and saw the most beautiful big-eared puppy just  looking for attention.  They let her out of the crate and while this dog was nervous and fearful of me, it ran and ran around in circles around the room.  I began throwing her treats so that she would realize I was and “OKAY” stranger.  She would quickly gobble the treat and then run back in circles.  It is so amazing to me to see the mind process of dogs let alone puppies.  I began to tell the owners this was all totally normal, and especially since the fact they got the puppy at 5 ½ weeks old.  They where told them this was totally acceptable to take a dog that early.  WRONG!!  Dogs should not leave their mother until the age of 8 weeks.  You may think that 2 ½ weeks does not make that much of a difference but let me tell you it does! Just as a baby in a mother’s womb the last weeks are critical to development of both puppies and children.  This is the time when a puppy learns more about dog to dog interaction, it learns about cleanliness from its mother, it is exposed to more sights, smells and sounds, all of which have a factor on how they view the rest of their lives.

I began by showing this young couple how simple things they were doing was reinforcing specific behaviors.  How they should not have to keep putting the dog out every so often to do its business, but to train the dog to let you know what they want and need.  It was a great training as they were so misinformed and so eager to learn.  Reading so many untruths on the Internet of what they should and should not do, totally confused them.  I am so thankful that they did call me, as this is a puppy that possibly would have been disrupted in its crucial time of learning.  The “sponge factor” as I call it is the critical age of 8-16 weeks where you can pretty much shape a puppy on to their way to being a great adult dog and companion.  Expose the dog to as many sights, sounds, people, smells that you can.  You actually combat fears that may arise at a later date.

Training Canines, LLC has a specific program just to help you meet your needs.  Puppies often miss out on great training as they must have at least two rounds of shots to attend a group class (note* some veterinarians request more so please check with your vet as to when your puppy can attend a group class).  Often this is after that 16 week “sponge factor”, and so much training has been missed.  Training Canines, LLC offers puppy private lessons in your home just to get you off on the right foot until you can attend a group class.  Normally we can do 2-4 lessons and you are good to go!  You feel more confident and so does your puppy.  Then you can attend one of our group classes to address one of the most important issues a puppy will face, socialization!

If you would like more information on training your puppy or dog contact Kim Paciotti at kim@trainingcanines.com or 704-877-7821.  Training Canines,LLC offers a variety of private lessons and group classes in the state of North Carolina in the cities of Statesville, Mooresville, Lake Norman, Hickory, Winston Salem and surrounding areas.  Call today!

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