We are excited to bring to a group of purebred Old English Sheepdogs!  We have four puppies looking for their families.  They will complete our 4 week program on July 12, 2022.   They were born on May 3rd, 2022.   All puppies are sold trained, and the cost of this group is $4500.  There training will consist of early temperament shaping, basic obedience, introductory crate and potty training, along with early socialization.  Please visit our pricing page to learn more and fill out an online application if you would like to make one of these puppies a part of your family.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents


What is so awesome about Pandi and Max is they are best buddies!  Pandi is a third time mom and does the most amazing job raising her babies.  She not only does a great job with her pups but she is a built in babysitter to Renee’s grandchildren.  She is so gentle, loving, and makes sure that everyone is A-OK all the time.  Max loves the kids as well, and enjoys playing outside with everyone.  It is refreshing to see that this breeding pair truly love being together, playing, and just enjoying life!  What wonderful temperaments to pass on to their puppies.  Pandi is 60 pounds and Max is 64, puppies will be between that as adults.

Meet the Breeder

Breeding for Renee is definetly her passion!  She grew up on a dairy farm and with her love for animals became a vet tech.  She started breeding German Shepherds many years ago and then took time to raise her family.  Facing the empty nest quandry when the kids went off to college, she began breeding again and this time her fancy was doodles.  She is a very hands on breeder and follows many of the early development protocols we believe in.  Her children are grown and now have their families and everyone is a big part of her breeding business.  Her daughter Julia also breeds, and helps Renee deliver puppies.  We are proud to have a group of Renee’s babies join our program.  You can visit her Facebook Page and see more of her beautiful puppies, and of course her beautiful family.  Ruff Life

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