The Facts of Nutrition

Science tells us the nutrition is the center of a puppy and adult dog’s health and well-being. Genetics, hormones, stress and pathogens play into the equation as well, however the core ingredient to any healthy dog is what they eat. The old saying “what you are is what you eat” is as true for dogs as it is people.


In order to understand how to choose what is best for your new puppy you need to know more about their bodies requirements. With so many dog foods on the market today, and no real regulations in the industry it is a very daunting task to know what is hype and what is fact.


So here are the facts. A puppy is 75% muscle. Which means that their diet determines health and life expectancy more than any other aspect of their care.   Dogs use fat from a meat source to fuel their bodies. Humans fuel source is carbohydrate driven. This means a dog will metabolize free fatty acids twice as fast as humans. This enables canine muscle to better adapt to fat than human muscle. So many will assume since a low-fat diet is good for us as humans, it is good for our dogs as well. This is incorrect, as a low-fat diet for puppies and dogs actually can result in malnutrition.


It is crucial to have proper fatty meat proteins in your puppy’s diet. His body will store excess in reserve. Without adequate supplies of fatty meat proteins in reserve as the activity increases and the available stored proteins diminish the body pulls what it needs from itself leaving muscles unable to sustain rapid contractions which leads to injury.

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 Berger Blanc Suisse and The Doodles Need Special Nutrition

We have taken into consideration the Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles have a ectomorphic body type.  This means they don’t burn calories quickly. Our Berger Blanc Suisse  have a mesomorphic body type. They have a robust muscular body build.  Therefore we need to have a high quality food that is less caloric. Chubby puppies may be cute, however they risk injury. By balancing simple carbs, vegetables and fruits, with fatty meat protein source you can provide your puppy with complete daily nutrition.  Many kibbles are overprocessed. In fact the manufacturer of Brothers food pointed out something very interesting to me.  I questioned why he did not have fish in his product line.  He first asked me a question, which I will ask you, “how long does fresh fish last?”  You probably said a few days right?  Well how on earth do we expect it to last in our pets kibble.  Preservatives!  Mr. Darlington, of Brothers Complete, explained that the chemical they use to preserve the fish adds so much toxins to the food.  Some of these preservatives, do not even have to be listed on the ingredient label!

The industry standard for feeding trials is designed by AAFCO and it is revealing when you realize just how little the AAFCO feeding trial actually tells you – which AAFCO itself acknowledges in the small print (if you can find it) as follows: AAFCO’s mission statement declares that these feeding trials were NOT designed to “examine nutritional relationships to long-term health or disease prevention” but only to ensure that the food was not “harmful to the animal and would support the proposed life stage for 26 weeks”.


The AAFCO feeding trial is 6 months (26 weeks) long and only requires you to supply 8 dogs of your own choosing. You can remove 2 of the 8 dogs from the test, at any time, without explanation and without the need to replace them. At the end of the test as long as the 6 remaining dogs are alive, and have not lost more than 15% of their weight – your food ‘passes’ the test and is declared “complete and balanced”.



We have chosen Brothers Complete as the food for our puppies. As many of you know dog food sourced from China was a largely responsible for many pet food recalls. Therefore we did not want to offer any food that would be sourced from this area. We are proud to say the Brothers Complete is made in the USA. They have personal relationships with their suppliers, which is extremely important to us.  I can personally call the manufacturer at any time and he will answer all of my questions.


Brothers Complete is:

GMO Free     Grain Free     Sugar Free     Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free     White Potato Free     Sweet Potato Free

Artificial Coloring Free     Artificial Flavoring Free     Chemical Preservative Free

(BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin FREE)

Brothers also includes:

For All Life Stages     Digestive Enzymes     Free Range Protein

Selective PREbiotics     Human Grade Protein     Encapsulated PRObiotics

Over 90% of the Protein is Animal Sourced Protein


To learn more about Brother’s Complete please visit their website.  Even if you do not purchase a puppy from us, please consider what you may be feeding your dog.  Educate yourself on what really is in the food your pet is eating.