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Investing In Your Puppy’s Future

By breaking through the human canine communication barrier our puppies excel psychologically, physically, cognitively and emotionally more than other puppies of the same age. Our unique system caters to the indivdual personality of each puppy.  This enables us to help you match the best puppy for your family dynamics.


All puppies have parents who carry health clearances, and an AKC or CKC pedigree.  Puppies are vetted, fed a five star food, and most of all given all the love they need to grow up happy and healthy.


Occasionally we have older puppies past our twelve week program, who continue researching with us.  These puppies are also available to the right family and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.


Puppy Personalities

Just like humans, not all puppies learn at the same rate. Each puppy will follow our training program for the appropriate age. Some will excel in specific commands and others may need additional training on a specific issue or command.  You will be given a puppy report card to help your determine what your further training plan will be.  Maturity is a big factor on potty training and sleeping through the night.  A young puppy will awaken several times, while an older puppy will let you sleep a bit longer.  Being realistic as what a puppy can and can not do is very important to the puppy’s and your happiness.

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12 Week Empowered Puppy Program

Sheepadoodles $6500.
Bernedoodles   $7500.
(pricing includes cost of puppy & training. Bernedoodle prices vary depending upon breeder. We DO NOT accept Credit Cards)

  • The puppy will either need to build skills of confidence or calmness based upon their temperament assessment.
  • Temperament shaping with water and scents.
  • Exposure to canine immune and stress massage
  • Body awareness with intermediate puppy yoga movements
  • Sight and sound socialization (loud noises, cars, thunderstorms, etc.)
  • Exposure to water, with movement boards for motion sickness (pool and hot tub)
  • Extended crate training (eating in crate, wait in the crate, along with car rides in crate) Please note we do not let puppies sleep in the crates unattended, therefore they do not sleep in crates at night while in our care.
  • Spot potty trained, exposure to command “potty outside”
  • Car rides
  • Smell associations (bathroom, crate, training, car riding, etc.)
  • Small and large set of stair exposure
  • Beginning imitation concept training “like me” with objects and people
  • Basic focus skills with limited distractions
  • Basic obedience exposure to include: sitting, laying waiting, here, leave-it and leash walking.  All puppies will have a different proficiency level based upon maturity and personality.
  • Basic socialization with puppy wagon exposure, vet exposure, controlled environmental socialization, big box stores, neighborhood walks, other dogs
  • Will have three booster shots, and micro chipped
  • May waken probably 1-2 times per evening, depending upon bedtime.
  • Will need the bathroom every 3 hours during the day, approximately 6 at night
  • Will work outside with minimal focus to distractions
  • Will not be able to walk more than fifteen minutes total per day
  • Should not be taken to pet stores or areas where other dogs are until fully vaccinated Will need 1 additional booster along with rabies
  • Care will need to be taken when exposing puppies to new items and scenarios. (i.e. cars in the street, strange people, dogs walking, doors at big box stores, trash cans etc.) They must be supervised during exploration of the above items or negative associations could be made

We DO NOT accept Credit Cards