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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about Training Canines. If you have a question not answered here please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer it!

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What makes Training Canines different from others selling trained puppies?

Our total overall program.  We work with breeders who we know have developed solid lines.  Health testing is a requirement of all breeders we work with.  By keeping  the amount of puppies that we have at any given time small in order to devote all the time that is needed to each and every puppy. Our strongest asset is our training program.  By teaching the dog at such an early age how to handle stress in our world and our owners how to communicate with their pet are the key factors to our success.  The foundation skills that are taught to your puppy during the critical development stage can only be done once!  Many breeders just do not have the time or knowledge to do this type of training.

Can “anyone” just buy a puppy from Training Canines?

No. We take great pride in our puppies and love each and every one of them as if they were our own personal pet.  We are very selective as to what type of homes they will go to.  This is a once in a life time opportunity to have a pet whose temperament and abilities are shaped only three days after birth.  We look for strong committed people and families that will devote just as much love. attention, and guidance as we do.

Do you do temperament testing on the puppies?

There are specific temperament testing systems one of which is called the Volhard Puppy Test.  You may view it at This type of testing has been done for years.  While this testing has served for years, our testing is much more in depth, and will give us greater insight to our puppies personality.  We can test for up to 33 different temperaments.  We test for social attraction, dominance/submission, retrieveing, following, sound, sight, touch capabilities and much more.  Our testing is more behavioral noting specific traits each puppy displays at various stages of development.  If we see certain puppies are shy we will actually group them together in order to build their confidence.  If puppies are more outgoing, they are grouped together.  This enables each puppy to grow and develop at specific maturity levels.  No puppy gets bullied!  Specific assessments are done as the puppy develops with the final assessment being done between 7-8 weeks.  Therefore we do not conduct puppy selection prior to 8 weeks.

What type of training do you do?

A puppies temperament is either calm (cautious) or confident.  Our goal is to teach the cautious confidence, and the confident how to be calm.  We start with early neurological sensor training.  This has been used by the military for years to reduce stress in militant animals.  Scent training goes along with our biosenser training.  Sight and sound training is consistent throughout the entire time the puppies are here. We simply “talk to the dog”!  It is the easiest concept to carry over to new owners to transfer the learning skills.  Our training section of the website breaks down each part of the training we do.

Why even bother with this type of training, does it really make a difference?

It most certainly does! When you get a puppy at 8-10 weeks of age they already have many of  their personality traits  set in.  Unfortunately some of those traits are not even discovered until a later date.  Food aggression is one that is often seen, along with various resource guarding of various toys, bones and other items the dog feels important.  By teaching the dog various habits at such an early age it becomes a way of life for the dog.  The puppy will also go through several fear stages during their first year.  We do specific sound desensitization so when your dog hears fireworks or faced with the rumble of a thunderstorm, they are not running to hide.

Why do you keep the puppies until 12 weeks, and not 6-8 weeks like other breeders?

This is a big issue.  Puppies go through a fear period between 8-11 weeks old.  Often times new puppy parents can actually reward unwanted fears by consoling the puppy. At 12 weeks the fear period is ending and new exploration begins.  Temperaments are more adaptable and adjusting to the change of a new home at this time is the easiest transition for the puppies.   We actually used to keep puppies until 16 weeks of age.  Our program found that it was harder on the puppy to get adjusted in the home.

What is the difference between pet, therapy and assistance puppies in your training?

We train all our dogs the same from the start.  Our foundational training is the key for many dogs that have gone on to be assistance or therapy dogs.  By teaching concepts and concentrating on how each puppy learns  gives us a large advantage to determine which puppy would do best in any given area.

So if I want a therapy dog or companion dog that means I can take them anywhere right?

I wish that was true, however it is not.  The Americans with Disabilities Act defines service dogs as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal who is trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. For example, some dogs are trained to pull wheelchairs, others are taught to alert to the sounds of the telephone, oven timers, alarm clocks, smoke alarms, and even a baby’s cry. Service dogs are not considered pets. Service dogs and their human companions must be allowed access to buildings including schools, restaurants,  churches, transportation systems, and other public areas and services.   Therapy dogs are usually only allowed in nursing homes, hospitals, some private schools and other public places at the discretion of the facility.

How many hours a day do the puppies get trained?

Our puppies are in training 24/7!  A puppy is always learning whether it be good or bad at any given time, therefore we must make sure that they are always learning something good.  Daily individual training, group training, playtime training, potty training, crate training, nap time training, and of course it’s time for bed training!  It is our goal to keep our dogs active and engaged in learning during all waking hours.  We even have television time training!

I have other pets will a puppy get along with my current dogs and or cats?

This is a question that you will need to help determine the answer.  On your puppy application please be very honest as to the type of personality your existing pet or pets have.  Puppies and dogs naturally like each other, it is often what we as humans do to change that.  Puppies can be taught to engage with other animals, however there is no guarantee that the puppies will get along with your current animals.

Does the whole family need to be involved in our puppy training?

I say yes!  The puppy must learn that everyone human is the boss.  Many times if everyone is not included the puppy will bond to one particular person and then become very attached to that person.  Our puppies love being with the family and having the kids help will only strengthen the bond they will have as they grow up together.

Will my dog still need further training when they leave you?

Yes they will.   Your puppy is always learning, whether it be good or bad.  You have been provided with an amazing foundation of skills and basic commands.  Think about it, when we were younger we did not stop at kindergarten, we went through high school and many of us to college.  Your dog is the same way.   Your new puppy will be able to follow the basic obedience commands of sit, down, here, wait, leave-it, loose leash.  Your puppy will be able to “potty” on command, along with being crate trained.  All puppies do learn at a different pace, even with the type of training we do.  A puppy is just like that of a child attending school, some it just comes natural and others it takes a little longer to learn.

Are we able to visit the puppy?

Absolutely!  We would love for every puppy to pick their owner, not the owner pick the puppy.  This is the truest form of bonding.  Unfortunately often times that is not always the case.  If you are choosing a service dog we highly recommend you let the puppy pick you.  It will be worth the extra trip, for an amazing unconditional bond.  We will ask you to take specific precautions when coming to visit, as we will not risk the health of any of our puppies. Appointments will need to be made for visitation in order to keep our trainings on schedule.

Will you help me make the best puppy choice for my family?

Another, absolutely!  Our goal is to match each and every dog with the personality and lifestyle of their owner.  This guarantees a long lasting loving relationship for both you and your dog.  Please be as detailed as possible on your puppy questionnaire.  This way we can determine the best possible match.

Will the puppies have all their shots and be de-wormed before they leave?

Each puppy will have all the age appropriate shots and wormings as needed prior to leaving us. If they will be traveling by transport they will also have a health certificate from our veterinarian.

If I have training questions can I email you?

We offer something invaluable to all our puppy owners, lifetime email support for training questions on your dog!

Will you provide us with pictures or videos while you are training?

We want you to see all that we do!  Consistent Facebook, Instagram and You-Tube postings will be made, hopefully at least every other day.  In fact each of our puppies has their own Instagram account that you can follow.

What if I can not pick up my puppy on time?

We do give you a 3 day time frame to pick up your puppy from the time the puppy is ready to go.  If you are unable to pick them up then we will charge additional boarding, and training rates.

How does the process work in order to reserve a puppy?

Please fill out our online puppy application being as detailed as possible.  After we have received your application we will email you and set up a time to speak and go over your specific needs.  Once your application has been accepted we require a non-refundable deposit of $500.  This will solidify your puppy reservation.  Balance will be due prior to puppy leaving us.  Puppy selection will start at eight weeks of age.  Selection will be based on deposit order.  Training Canines, reserves the right to exclude a puppy from selection of pet dogs if the dog has shown outstanding abilities as a service or therapy dog.  We want to make sure that we are able to help all that need these types of dogs the best we can.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We currently DO NOT accept Credit Cards.