English Labrador Mom

Malespina’s Lexi
Call Name -Lexi

This first time mom is loving life!  Her tail does not stop wagging and she is taking such good care of her babies.  She is attentive to all there needs, keeps them super clean and actually enjoys playing with them.  Her shear excitement to be around people and happy demeanor will be a great influence on her babies.

AKC SR94970015

Hip clearance: Fair

Elbow clearance: Normal

Weight: 80 pounds

English Labrador Dad

Circle D Zeva’s Gonna Be A Hoss Jr.
Call Name -Hoss

International Champion Hoss Jr. is a stunning boy, that loves to show everyone just how happy he is!  Something we love seeing in our parents temperaments, as training by play is our goal.  He is confident in himself and stands true to the Labrador breed.

AKC SR89812504

Hip clearance: Good


Elbow clearance: Normal


Weight: 85 pounds

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Golden Retriever Mom

Circle D Ike’s White Dove
Call Name -Dove

Happy is the word to describe Dove!  She loves to cuddle, and loves outside.  She is a patient mom, does her work, and back to being a bouncy 3 year old Golden.

AKC SR86007808

Hip clearance: Good


Elbow clearance: Normal


Weight: 70 pounds

Golden Retriever Dad

SM. Frye Bobby Greenburg
Call Name – Bobby

Bobby is a beautiful boy. He is a light ivory and has a blocky head.  He loves to play and is such a happy boy. Being extremely smart and observant will surely have an influence on his puppies.

AKC SR83205312
Hip clearance: Good
OFA GR-117723628M-NOPI
Elbow clearance: Normal

Heart clearance: Normal
OFA CA-28533/28M/P-NOPI
Weight: 80 pounds

Bernese Mountain Dog Dad

Circle D Paint Creek Buster’s Tank
Call Name – Buster

Buster is your typical lovable Bernese Mountain Dog!  He loves to be silly snd he loves his comfort.  His markings are beautiful, and his temperament is very well rounded.

AKC WS52101301
Hip clearance: Good
Elbow clearance: Normal
Weight: 100 pounds

Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Circle D Sgt. Pepper and Path’s Aspen
Call Name – Aspen

Aspen has to be literally the sweetest Berner I have ever met!  She was two on September 1, 2018 and this is her first litter.  She is the daughter of Path and Sgt. Pepper, and her temperament could not be better.  She adores her puppies and is so gentle and loving with them.  There was a mix up in paperwork on her OFA clearances and we will receive final documentation by mid January.  Her parents are hips are rated Good/Excellent and elbows Normal, so we are confident Aspen’s are the same.

AKC WS54651406
Hip clearance: Excellent
Elbow clearance: Normal
Weight: 90 pounds

English Labrador Mom

Circle D Hoss and Zeva’s Tala
Call Name – Tala

Tala is a very happy girl that loves to play.  She will make you laugh as she tries to explore our world.   Attentive to her pups, but also wants to be loved on by humans.    She is patient and gentle her puppies are just beautiful!

AKC SR89812502
Hip clearance: Good
Elbow clearance: Normal


Weight: 75 pounds

English Labrador Dad

Mountain Crush-Thunder & Lightning Storm Striker
Call Name – Striker

Happy is the word for Striker!  He is a very white with a beautiful blocky head.  He is mellow and loves to play!  You will find him excited to see everyone, and loves the attention.  He is a gentle soul with the puppies.

AKC SR96677008
Hip clearance: Excellent
OFA prelim: 1926631
Elbow clearance: Normal
OFA prelim:  1926631
EIC-Clear by parentage
PRCD-Negative by parentage
GENTETIC TESTING-17122762 Clear on all tests
Weight: 80 pounds

English Labrador Mom

Circle D Let Lightning Strike Summit
Call Name – Summit

Summit always looks like she is giggling! Her  personality is laid back and just loves to hang out with everyone.  She loves being around people and other dogs as well.  She is a girl that just goes with the flow in whatever it is she is doing.  No urgency to get anywhere as she just mosies along.

AKC SR76455704

Hip clearance: Good
Elbow clearance: Normal
EIC-Clear by parentage
PRCD-Negative by parentage

Weight: 85 pounds

English Labrador Dad

INT. CH. Circle D Mighty White Blizzard
Call Name – Blizzard

Blizzard is just gorgeous!  His big blocky head is truely an English trait.  He is solid muscle and hold such stature when he stands.  He has just recently received his International Champion V1 Title and he comes from championship pedigree lines.  He to is very mild mannered and I am very excited to have his puppies.  He is a super smart boy, and just has the shear look of confidence.

AKC SR74552504
Hip clearance: Good
OFA LR-212358G27M-PI
Elbow clearance: Normal
EIC-Clear by parentage
PRCD-Negative by parentage
Weight: 80 pounds