Why English Labrador Retrievers?

The Labrador is known for its kindness, confidence, intelligence and willingness to please. Like the Golden Retreiver, a Labrador temperament of being loyal, biddable, and highly adaptable is what makes the Labrador such an excellent working animal, but also dearly loved as a family pet.

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Energy Levels

Labrador Retrievers are also a very active and energetic breed.  Once again the English Labradors tend to be calmer than the American Labradors, which I do have my theory on why.  They do require more mental exercise than the Goldens as they tend to get bored if not given a job.  Daily routines are important as the labrador will look forward to the walk, or play time.  Even a simple job of carrying a stick while on their walk will help mentally fulfill the labradors desire to work.


Breed Details

The difference between American Labradors and English Labradors is mostly body structure. English Labradors have a heavier look about them. Their heads are larger and they have more of a barrel chest. Their face is fuller and they have a shorter muzzle. Their neck is thicker and appears more powerful. They have shorter legs and therefore, do not stand as tall as American Labradors. Their coat is also much thicker.


Approximate weight for English Labradors is 50-70 pounds.