Keep Up Your Training!

Often owners fall into the habit of taking their dogs to classes as a puppy, and maybe even a few as they get older, but then they stop.  Practice is an important part of keeping our dogs behavior in check.  I am sure every one has some sort of hobby they like to do, and you practice.  It doesn’t necessarily have to even be a hobby; it can be something that you have to do every day as part of your job.

Dogs are like us in that they must practice their obedience.  Especially since dogs do not generalize very well.  As you may have heard me say before, just because they can sit inside does not mean that they can sit outside.  They must be taught in different environments with all types of different distractions.  We all have seen that perfect dog with their owner that does everything right and listens so well.  We say to ourselves, “boy I wish my dog could do that!”  Well I am here to tell you that your dog can.  What you are not seeing is the hours of training that has gone into that good dog.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to add more work to your existing busy schedule, the hours are over time!  Brush up on your dog’s skills as you make dinner, or blow-dry your hair.  Ask them for a sit or a down.  Have them sit before you put their food down.  Drop a cookie on the floor and ask them to leave it.  Training doesn’t have to take up your time or your day; it can be a part of it.  It is like putting money in the bank.   If you put a little at a time, all of a sudden you have a good savings.  Owners tend to look at it differently.  They want it now, and since they don’t see daily or immediate results they feel it is not working, so they give up.  That is the worst thing to do!  I guarantee you your dog is learning, whether it is good or bad, he is learning something.  Play close attention to how you are communicating with your dog as to what he is learning.  I recently got a new puppy and I often see him staring at me just watching.  It has made me very aware of what I say and do around him, especially with my other dogs.  It has been proven by several clinical studies that puppies learn by observation just as infants do.

Even though your dog may be two or three years old, take him back to an obedience class and brush up on his skills.  Teach him to sit when you are standing 20 yards away from him, not 2 feet in front of him.  Teach him to wait to get in and out of the car.  There are all sorts of things the dog can learn and expand upon what he has learned.  The best part of it is it will make your bond and relationship much stronger with your dog.  Have fun with your dog!  They want to have fun with you!

We now have module group classes for you and your dog to enjoy!  Learn more by calling Kim at 704-877-7821 or by email  Visit the website at and also check out our new dog training club

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