Has Your Dog Food Been Recalled and No One Told You???

Does what we feed our dog matter?

I have been asked this question more often than not, and the answer is a very simple YES!  YES in big bold capital letters!  That is like asking the question does it matter what we eat.  It often amazes me the same people that will treat their dogs like a human, expect them to act like a human, are feeding their dogs food from the dog food isle at the grocery store.

As you may know the dog food industry is not regulated.  Therefore any claim whether it is true or false can be made.  When it says chicken on the bag, it could actually be chicken feet, beaks, or even a dead chicken.  It really is a disgusting fact.

The dog food industry has been basically broken down to how good of a marketing company they have.  Seriously that is all there is.  They play to different calibers of clientele and they base their whole image upon it.  Think about it, 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, more than half of the foods on the shelf today were not even being manufactured.  Why?  The pet industry grew, our awareness of quality food for ourselves became prevalent, and then so did the dog food industry follow.  Did you know that many “perceived” top dog food is made in the same factory as many of the “perceived” not so great dog food?  The marketing industry has placed pictures of wholesome foods on their packaging, using words such as natural, holistic, wholesome, anything to put a specific image in our minds.

We want to give our dogs good things, yet we have been misinformed as to what is actually good and what is not.  Please do your research.  It is just like they say for us, “you are what you eat”.  We all know that it is a proven fact that if we eat healthy, we are healthy.  Many people feed their dogs what is convenient.  Often those are the same people that deal with all kinds of health issues with their dogs.  Many items such as hot spots, chewing on their paws, constant licking, are all symptoms of a food allergy.  Nine times out of ten it is corn that your dog is allergic too. Yet, there is a well know dog food that has big pictures of corn and corn husks all over the packaging.

http://www.dogfoodproject.com is a website that will tell you more about dog food, and especially the recalls.  Please take the time to check it periodically to find out if your dog may be eating something infected.  A few years back I was feeding my dogs Taste of The Wild.  Having two Mastiffs, I go through a bag about every 12-14 days, so I was buying it very regular.  I checked on the food one time only to find my dogs had already consumed two bags of food that had been recalled!  Thank god they were okay, but what if they had not been, I would not even have known what caused it.  The store never even said the food had been recalled, and it is a national chain store!  We must take our dogs nutrition into our own hands and be responsible pet owners.

If you want to know what I feed my girls and my newest mastiff Bernard, check out my website www.trainingcanines.com and go to the nutrition page.  If you need help in anyway with your pet call Kim Paciotti at 704-877-7821 or by email at kim@trainingcanines.com Coming Soon!  The Carolina’s Premier Dog Club www.caninetrainingassociation.com

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