ESI: Early Scent Introduction

ESI What Is It?

ESI stands for Early Scent Introduction. Early Scent Introduction is performed in conjunction with Bio-Sensor training on the puppies from day three thru day sixteen. A pungent scent is introduced to the puppy each day for short intervals. Their reaction to the scent is then recorded. A positive reaction is when a puppy will try to move towards the scent with their nose highly engaged in the scent. A negative reaction will have the puppy pulling back from the scent. A neutral reaction will be when the puppy does not seem interested or disinterested.

The benefits of ESI have been studied in a seven-year breeding test. Gayle Watson PhD conducted the test with Gaylan’s Golden Retriever litters. They broke down the litters to the dogs that had early scent detection and those that did not. She began her testing by looking at results from sporting Golden Retrievers here in the United States. Gayle and her team charted the outcome of various events to determine the effect the ESI had on the pups. The results were astounding! They found the dogs that had been involved in early scent introduction had more total scenting titles. Along with the titles were earned in more complex scenting categories. Another amazing fact that came from the research was that the dogs were achieving these titles two and a half to five years younger than the non ESI pups.  I had the opportunity to attend one of Gayle’s Seminars through her company Avidog.  It was amazing to hear her passion and talk about the astounding results that she has experienced.

So what does all this mean for our pups? With our focus is on pet, companion, therapy and service foundational training this is an exciting piece of our training.  Many times with companion, therapy and early service dog training, the dogs scent abilities are a high characteristic that is required for the dog to have. For example, autistic children have the tendency to bolt or run away; therefore having a dog that is able to follow the scent and locate the child could sometimes be a matter of life or death. Often times, an elderly person can misplaces items, how wonderful would it not be to have the dog help them. Letting an elderly person know that something may have been left on the stove, or even a gas leak, early enough for safety issues, once again may save a life. Even more intense would be the dog that would be able to have the ability to determine the early onset of a seizure or diabetic reaction. All is possible and defiantly enhanced by doing early scent introduction.

Early scent introduction is just another way that we at Training Canines are able to bring you the best possible puppy that starts  out with the best possible advantages! Clients that are looking for pet dogs that do want to enter into various field trials, along with just the joy of hunting with their dog will also benefit from this early training. Even if you don’t foresee an instant need, maybe in your future with your dog it will arise, and having your dog the inset skill, is like having money in the bank.

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