Puppies are here!  We will have two boys and two girls looking for their families.  Our puppies are sold with head start training and will consist of early temperament shaping, basic obedience, introductory crate and potty training, along with early socialization.  Please visit our pricing page to learn more and fill out an online application if you would like to make one of these puppies a part of your family.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents

Jolee is a beautiful 70 pound first time mom.  She and her sister both had litters one week apart.  Sometimes moms get very protective and do not want other dogs by their pups, but Jolee and Josie decided to combine motherhood! Her calmness will for sure be passed on to her puppies.  Jasper is a giant love bug!  He is 80 pounds and feels the need to give you hugs by placing his paws on your shoulders.  Connie has six adult goldens that all live in the house with them and get along wonderfully.  She said they all take turns hanging out in different areas of the house.

Meet the Breeder

Connie Buchanan from Toe River Goldens in the Blue Ridge Mountains brought us this beautiful group of puppies.  Connie was a registered nurse and then started breeding dachshunds 14 years ago. Three years ago she got the golden bug!  She fell in love with the breed personality and the gentleness they show around her grandkids.  Her golden clan loves the snowy mountains and chasing the chickens on their farm.  Her husband helps her to make it a family affair, and he even built her a new area where she can provide the necessary care for all her pups!  Visit her Facebook group page to see other puppies and parents from Connie’s group of gorgeous English Cream Golden Retreivers.

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