Does Your Dog Respect You? Take the Test.


Do you wonder what your dog thinks of you?  Do they respect you as a leader?  Take this simple quiz and find out.  Simply answer the questions with “often” “sometimes” or “never” then total up your score at the end.

1)  Are you ignored when you call your dog to come, when you are inside and they are off their leash?

2)  Are you ignored when you call your dog to come, when you are outside and they are off their leash?

3)  If your dog is in their resting place, and if you physically tried to move them, would they resist or act like they were dead weight?

4)  If you raised your voice at your dog would they continue with an unacceptable behavior?

5)  Would your dog resist you holding its collar and guiding them from one place to another?

6)  Will your dog race past you to get out of an open door?

7)  Will your dog jump at you to grab something out of your hand?

8)  Will your dog take food from your hand or plate uninvited?

9)  Will your dog jump or lie on top of when not invited?

10) When you are talking on the phone or to someone in person does your dog bark at you?

11)  Will your dog bark at you or push a toy on you so that you play with them?

12)  When you are busy, will your dog bark at you so you do something for them, like feed them or get their toy?

13)  Does your dog bark at you so you will share your food while you eat?

14)  Will your dog paw or jump on you for food or attention?

15)  Does your dog ignore you when you say “No” (or your equivalent)?


Count up the number of times you answered “Often”, multiply that by the number 1.

Count up the number of times you answered “Sometimes” , multiply that by the number 2.

Count up the number of times you answered “Never”, multiply that by the number 3.

Here are your results.

15 – 23  You might have love, but you not getting any respect!

24 – 30  Your dog rules your world.

31 – 38  A respectful relationship with some good leadership.

39 – 45  You’re looking like a strong leader with a well-behaved dog!

If you scored high on this quiz congratulations! You are a good leader and probably have a wonderful relationship to show for it!

If you scored low on this quiz, don’t feel bad, dogs have been working their magic by training us humans for at least 10,000 years!

Based on the questions we asked good leadership is based on your dog respecting your personal space.  You controlling everything that matters most to your dog.  That is way we say that nothing in life is free, or the no free lunch program  You must control their food, play, toys, access to other dogs, and all the things that matter to them.

In order to gain respect from your dog you must not let your dog “walk all over you” – literally. Would you let me grab something out of your hand? Poke at you to demand something? Jump on you, uninvited? How about bark in your face?

Take control of life rewards and show your dog that polite, under-control behavior leads to good things while pushy, out-of-control behavior never gets him anywhere.

Training your dog with relationship-centered training helps your dog adjust to you and your household dynamics.  Combine what they like doing (play, petting, long walks, etc.) and turn it into a learning environment.  Bonding will happen quickly with you and your dog, and that is something that is extremely rewarding to both of you!

We would love to teach you how you can incorporate fun things for you and your dog to do!  Training your dog does not have to be something frustrating, it actually can be fun!  Contact Kim Paciotti at 704-877-7821 or by email at Visit our website at today!


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