We are so exicited for our new breed, the Berger Blanc Suisse.  It is also known as the White Swiss Shepherd. The breed is highly intelligent, loyal, and absolutely stunning as you can see!  They make a great family pet as they are extremely loving.  They do LOVE to be with their family so this is breed that will want to be included in your everyday life.


We have two puppies looking for their families.  They will complete our 6 week program on Aprl 29, 2022.   They were born on February 4th, 2022.   All puppies are sold trained, please visit our pricing page to learn more and fill out an online application if you would like to make one of these boys a part of your family.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents


Muse is a 65 pound Berger Blanc Suisse imported from Russia.  Grim is an 85 pound Berger Blanc Suisse imported from Poland.  Both Muse and Grim have International Show Champion bloodlines and are FCI registered.  Muse and Grim are very social dogs that love playing with the other dogs on the farm.  Both Muse and Grim loved to train and are very well mannered.  Their puppies will be just as lovable as their parents.  Their puppies should range in size to be 80-85 pounds with gorgeous coats.

Meet the Breeder

Berger Blanc Suisse US is recognized as the #1 Berger Blanc Suisse Breeder in the United States.  Their reputation is unmatched and it is truly a labor of love.  The began breeding seven years ago when they stumbled upon this gorgeous breed.  They pride themselves on being a holistic breeder in all aspects of their program.    As empty nesters it has filled a void that fills them with joy.  Now their kids want to come home not to see them but to see the dogs.  Visit their website to read their amazing reviews and learn more about their amazing program.  Enjoy their postings on their Facebook page.

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