All the puppies from this group have found their families.  We will be having a new group arriving around Christmas and going home the first week of February.  We sell trained puppies only, so visit our pricing page for further information.

Meet the Puppies

Meet the Parents

Jujube is a loyal, easy going very smart 60 pound standard poodle. Her temperment is perfect. She is calm, clever, loyal and obedient. She will observe before engaging. Jujube has such elegant athletic movement. She has such a playful spirit that she executes it with such grace. She loves going places with the family especially hiking and boat rides! Best of all she’s up for couch time any time!  Buster is an 85 pound Bernedoodle with a playful, easy going personality. He is everyone’s favorite. Buster is a very bright gentle giant. He’s quick to learn what’s being asked of him. He can be goofy making everyone laugh or laying regal just taking everything in! He has an amazing tracking nose that is best at finding mice, eggs and wherever the kids are located. He also enjoys going placing, hikes and boat rides! This is Buster and Jujube’s second litter.

Meet the Breeder

The mission at White Oak is to provide puppies that are healthy with great temperaments and smart personalities. Our breeding dogs are treated like part of family and your puppy will come to you very well rounded with the ability to thrive and excel their new home.  Parents are chosen for health, disposition and confirmation. All our puppies are raised in our house with personal attention given to each puppy everyday.  We work hard implementing early neurologicalstimulation, early scent introduction and socialization to help ensure a fantastic puppy with a strong base to future owners. White Oak Bernedoodles is happy to carry the “Good Dog” breeder seal.  This is a community that recognizes and promotes breeders with high standard breeding practices.  Please visit their page at Good Dog along with their website and Facebook page.

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