Thank you to everyone that has applied for our puppies!  We had more applications than we did puppies.  All puppies from this litter have been placed.   We are hopeful to have another litter of Bernedoodles that will be born approximately May 10.  Puppies would then be joining us the third week of June with go home the first part of August.  We already have several applications for this litter.  If you are interested please fill out the online application, which can be accessed below.    Thank you for your interest in our puppies!

Meet the Puppies

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Meet the Parents

This group of puppies come from two different moms born a week apart.  Abbie and Josie are sisters and littermate.  Murphy is the dad for both litters.


Abbie is the mother of Sojourner Kennels very first litter. She is an amazing girl and has proven to be a wonderful mother! She is affectionate and gentle and has the shiniest coat that is  the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood.


Josie starts every day with a mandatory belly rub.  She wants attention and affection before she wants her morning constitutional or her breakfast, and that is saying something because this girl LOVES her food! She is fairly bursting with joy and energy and it comes through in all she does, including posing for pictures! She is a ray of sunshine!


Murphy is a chocolate parti poodle. He is only sad when he can’t be with the ones he loves…. his humans as well as his canine pals. He can’t get enough cuddles and he has a sweet and gentle disposition. He is wonderful with kids as well as other animals.  This guy has some serious hops and it is fun to watch him jump around when he is excited!


Mom’s weigh approximately 85 pounds and dad 45 pounds.  Puppies will be in that range as adults.

Meet the Breeder

Sojourner Kennels is located in the hills of Northern Kentucky. They are a small kennel dedicated to breeding healthy and beautiful Bernedoodles! Bringing home their first doodle in 2010 and fell in love.  Combining the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog and the energetic and fun loving standard poodle they believe that together they make something magical! They feel strongly by giving their puppies a great start to being wonderful lifelong companions will brighten up all of life’s journeys.  We are happy to bring Sojourner puppies to the Empowered Puppy Program. Visit their Website, Facebook, and Instagram pages to learn more about them.