Our new group will be arriving September 25, 2021.  Sophie and Truffles have given us a wonderful F1b group.  Two girls and two boys will be joining us and will be ready for their new homes November 4, 2021.  We sell trained puppies only, so visit our pricing page for further information.

 Meet the Puppies

 Meet the Parents

Sophie is an F1b Bernedoodle and comes from the Yarnelle Fur Babies breeding program in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She joined the Hamiltons as the first mom in their breeding program.  Sophie is a family pet, and spoiled rotton!  She is about 55 pounds, has a sweet disposition, takes good care of her pups, loves and protects our kids, and is also great with the other animals on the farms.  She is a social girl as she loves visitors!  Truffles a standard poodle,  comes from Doodle Squad Puppies!  His breeders strive for excellance in the health and temperament in their breeding program of Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles.   Truffles is 35 pounds, and had the right genetics to make these beautiful healthy puppies.  He has an easy going personality and is an excellent family dog.

 Meet the Breeder

Peter and Abby have made their family business a true family affair by including their five children!  They all enjoy life on their 2 acre farm in beautiful North Carolina. Puppies are learning early with all kinds of smells of the woods, fields, cats,  and chickens.  We were happy to find they also are dedicated to early puppy development by raising their puppies with Puppy Culture.  Puppy Culture is a core program and intertwines with the Empowered Puppy Program.  The Hamilton’s only breed their own pets and have just a few litters per year of Bernedoodles and Labradoodles.  When not occupied with school and puppies the Hamilton’s enjoy good ol’ family time in the mountains or at the beach.  We welcome them to Training Canines, and you can visit their Facebook Page here.

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