Our new group was born on October 22, 2020 and will be ready for their new homes January 14, 2021.  We will be receiving 5 of the 6 puppies below.  As of October 29 we have two spots open.  The  All our puppies are sold trained and pricing includes the cost of the puppy and the training.  Please visit the pricing page for more information.

Meet the Puppies

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Meet the Parents

Kono is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a calm and gentle spirit. She’s a giant sweetheart with love in her heart for everyone she meets, and after a few minutes of meeting will give out that Berner paw.  She is a sweetheart of a mom and takes great care of her babies.

Aero is a 60 pound Standard Poodle. This stunner is so smart, and gets along very well with kids and other dogs. His favorite place to be is at at the breeders size wherever  that may be.


Based upon parents weights puppies should weigh between 65-80 pounds.

Meet the Breeder

Twin Creek Puppies began in 1999 raising Siberian Huskies, with Carrie’s parents.  When Logan and Carrie got married they turned their focus to Doodles.  Logan is the heavy lifter behind the program making sure everything runs smoothly,  and the key player in our momma dogs birthing process. Carrie’s focus is raising and socializing the puppies, photography, and spending countless hours studying animal genetics and structure to better the breed.  Twin Creek Puppies is located on a 5-acre farm where their dogs can have lots of room to run and play. They believe the happiness and health of their parent dogs is just as important as the quality of their puppies.  Visit their website at Twincreekpuppies.org