We are excited to bring Goldendoodles to the Empowered Puppy Program!

Meet the Parents

Sloan and Jake had 10 beautiful F1b puppies on August 3, 2019.  We have been lucky enough to have 5 of their babies to put in our program.  We have three boys and two girls.  Sloan is a doll, and a girly girl with the bow in her hair.  She is a first time mom who has done amazing in teaching her pups the rules of our world.  Jake is that guy, that is “hot stuff” to the girls, but an awesome dad to his babies.  Sloan is 40 pounds and Jake is between 50-55 pounds.  Puppies will be between 40-55 pounds.  These puppies will inherit the traits of beauty and brains, and be amazing pups all the way through!

Meet the Puppies

We have three boys and two girls.   They will complete our training program and will be ready to go home on October 26, 2019.  Please view the pricing page to see what the puppies will be capable of at 12 weeks of age.  Cost:  $6500 (Puppy & training). Please note we only sell trained puppies.

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Meet the Breeder

As a child, Cathy helped her family raise schnauzers.  As she got older she began to breed and raise giant schnauzers.  A few years ago she was touched with the doodle bug! She fell in love with aussie doodles and loved variations and colors of their coat. In meeting a friends goldendoodle she knew she was hooked.  She has  strictly been breeding doodles for over 2 years now.  She implemented the puppy culture program that has some of the techniques our Empowered Puppy Program has!  We were very happy when Cathy decided she would step in as one of our breeders of doodles!  Cathy is a family nurse practitioner and she and her husband have four children ages 8-13.  Simply put they all love doodles!  Learn more about Cathy and her pups at Happy Top Doodles