Labrador Retreiver Puppies

We have two boys left from this litter that are looking for their forever homes.  As of July 13, 2019 they are 18 weeks old.


Meet Mickey

Mickey is a super sweet boy who is just shy. He had a scary experience with a child who caught him off guard and he became apprehensive of strangers. He’s doing great though, relearning that people are okay and not a reason to worry. He is super smart and has lots of heart and try. Mick would do well with a family in a steady home and calm atmosphere. His ideal person/family would be able to give him time and build his confidence. Mickey is more of a homebody right now, but with the right person/family could possibly be more adventurous. He loves to ride in the van when we go out! He also loves playing retrieving games and is fond of tug. Playing in the water and with the hose are in his top ten ‘must do activities’ when it’s hot. He would also enjoy the company of another dog. Mickey has great crate manners, knows his basic obedience commands well, and is just a good all around guy. (He also loves it when you sing him the Mickey Mouse theme song.) Mickey is priced far below our normal pricing in order to find him a home asap!  $4800

Meet Hanson

Mr. Manners is Hansons nickname, as he does very well with sitting or laying when he wants to be petted.   He has learned that when greeting people we sit first to be acknowledged.  He does well on his obedience commands.  Outside walking is his nemesis right now. He walks well a bit and then those smells take over, or he starts staring at himself as he sees his reflection in the passing windows, then we walk well for a little bit, and repeat.  He really loves looking at himself!  He has a super sweet sensitive side that your just want to cuddle right up beside him.  He loves other dogs, and his excitement level shows it, as he just is so happy.  Many think having puppies longer here is better as they are still being trained, however, that is the opposite.  They adjust best to their home environment around 16 weeks.  The longer they are here the more they attach.  We  are hoping to find him a home very soon, we will place is pricing at $4800 as well to find that home asap!  Let us know if you are interested.

Meet the Parents

Lexi and Hoss Jr. had a litter of eleven on March 9, 2019.  This first time mom is such a happy girl as her tail does not stop wagging.  She loves her babies and is so tolerant of their puppy antics. Our dad is an International Champion and is a stunning boy, that loves to show everyone just how happy he is!  Something we love seeing in our parents temperaments, as training by play is our goal.  He is confident in himself and stands true to the Labrador breed.  Lexi weighs 80 pounds and Hoss Jr. is 85 pounds.

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Meet the Breeder

This litter is brought to us from Circle D Farms in Gaffney, South Carolina.  Cindy has been breeding for over 25 years.  She began breeding the labradors as her husband enjoyed the sport of hunting.  She is very familiar with breeding champion lines, and has imported many of her dogs from Europe.  Her kennel is also AKC inspected.  She is a USDA facility that specializes in working dogs.  She also breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

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