We have 4 available puppies.  Three girls and one boy.

In a Minute to Win It!  (and we did it in 38 seconds!!)



Meet the Parents

Austin and Buster had  beautiful puppies on July 9, 2019.  Aspen has to be literally the sweetest Berner I have ever met!  She is the daughter of Path and Sgt. Pepper, and her temperament could not be better.  She adores her puppies and is so gentle and loving with them.   Buster is your typical lovable Bernese Mountain Dog!  He loves to be silly snd he loves his comfort.  His markings are beautiful, and his temperament is very well rounded.

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Early Learning

Watch as the puppies experience our early scent test.  This test is conducted over 12 different days with 12 different scents.  Scents are broken into categories of stimulating, environmental, and calming.  At the end of the testing we will learn the puppies learning, socialization, and focus capabilities.  From these results an individual blueprint for each of the puppies personality is formed.

Meet the Puppies

We have three girls and two boys.   They will complete our training program and will be ready to go home on October 1, 2019.  Please view the pricing page to see what the puppies will be capable of at 12 weeks of age.  Cost:  $6500 (Puppy & training). Please note we only sell trained puppies.

Meet the Breeder

This litter is brought to us from Circle D Farms in Gaffney, South Carolina.  Cindy has been breeding for over 25 years.  She began breeding the labradors as her husband enjoyed the sport of hunting.  She is very familiar with breeding champion lines, and has imported many of her dogs from Europe.  Her kennel is also AKC inspected.  She is a USDA facility that specializes in working dogs.  She also breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Labrador Retrievers.