Are You A Control Freak With Your Dog?

Surprisingly enough the majority of people in America are control freaks in some sense or another.  We don’t want to admit it, but it is true.  I can say it for almost everyone in my family in some way shape or form.  Now what happens to the dog or dogs when they are in a family such as that?  Obviously the dogs have a lot of bosses!

Let’s take the dog’s daily walk for example, maybe they don’t want to go one day.  Maybe its to cold or its raining out, but you know what, we make them go.  Maybe they are tired and just want to lie on the couch a little longer.   We don’t let them.  We force them out the door; give them 30 minutes of our time before we are off to work.  Heaven forbid if they want to take a few extra sniffs, because then we would be late and that just won’t work for us.

The thing with us going through the door first so the dog knows we are the leader really gets me.  Who cares!  As long as your dog is displaying proper manners, is sitting at the door and not bolting out; it is actually easier on us for the dog to go first.  Otherwise I am tripping back over him to shut or lock the door.  There is so much talk on being the alpha, don’t let your dog control you, you control them.  They are dogs, let them be dogs!  Dogs sniff, they run, they chew things, they bark, they play, they whine for attention, beg for food, they hate baths, roll in poop, chase cats and squirrels, and they love us to death.  Now I am not saying there doesn’t need to be rules and boundaries set for your dog, there defiantly does otherwise you are a goner!  Once again I always compare it is just like the kids.  Yet we tell our kids the boundaries and rules, but we let them be kids.  We need to do this with the dog.  It doesn’t have to be that rigid heel walk, with every about face and left turn made properly.  A simple loose leash walk is so much more relaxing!

Another way we want to control our dogs is by forcing specific items on them.  Certain foods or treats and even the trip to the pet store or dog park.  Learn what your dog likes and what makes them happy.  Do not assume because you like the dog park they do too.  I saw a lady at a local dog park a while back.  She was talking with everyone around the picnic table and her dog was shaking under the bench.  I went to the dog to see if I could pet him and he just sat there shaking.  I looked up and asked her the dogs name, she told me and then proceeded to tell me how he loves the coming here (the dog park) it just takes him time to say hello.  I tried offering the dog a treat and he wouldn’t take it.  That is one way to tell your dog is stressed.  I went on my way, only to see the lady stay there another thirty minutes with this poor dog stressed to the max.  She left there feeling all great about taking her dog to the park, the dog left there about ready to have a nervous breakdown!

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