Stella’s Story

Hi Kim,

Its Danny Daniel, Megan Daniel’ father that bought Mia (now Stella) from you back in February.Megan has been busy with school so wasn’t sure if she has updated you much.

Stella and her have bonded incredibly well and she is coming along nicely.We have Megan and Stella teamed up with an excellent service dog trainer here in Dallas.

The trainer is really well qualified and teaching Megan and Stella task commands along with all the basic obedience stuff.

Stella has already received her CGC and now working on her public access. The trainer stated this is typically done at 18 months but with Stella she will likely test out at 12-14 months.

I wanted to pass along the comments from the trainer who has worked with many dogs over the years. She is constantly amazed at Stella and the work that was put into her before Megan every got her. She said she is a very rare dog with exceptional focus and intelligence. Basically your efforts from birth to when we got her have made a significant difference in her ability to be a service dog.  The trainer has also asked for your information for future reference as she is so impressed with you.

Anyway, the two are doing really well and she fits the family like a glove. Megan is leaving Friday (with Stella of course) out to Texas Tech in Lubbock where they will continue her training.  I wanted to thank you for the work you put into these dogs. It was a lot of money for us and on the surface was hard to understand how a dog could cost so much.. Now we understand and see the incredible difference.

Anyway, here are some pics to show you your sweet puppy and how she is turning into an amazing young lady…well both of them are. Ha
All the best

Laney’s Story

Training Canines has created a miracle for our son. Our son was recently diagnosed with PTSD from a teacher abusing him when he was 2-3 yrs old. I was about to give up after contacting hundreds of dog trainers from California to South Carolina. No one was able to help us train a service dog for someone so young (he was 5 at the time) or it would take years to train a dog. When I contacted Kim, I was expecting the same. She informed me right away that she would love to help but it would depend on if our son, Cody connected with any of the puppies she had. My husband took him to meet the puppies and he connected with Laney. Kim worked with my husband and son to teach them how to help continue Laney’s training after we brought her home. The training Laney had when we got her was extensive. It was amazing how well trained she was considering she was only 16 weeks old. Our son now sleeps thru the night in his own bed with Laney. Laney knows when he is upset and immediately goes to him to calm him. She can sense before we know when his anxiety is escalating. Today, we celebrate the completion of Cody’s therapy due to Laney. I would recommend Training Canines to anyone. Kim was so wonderful to work with.

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Laney Update


I wanted to give you an update on Miss Laney! She is doing great! She went to training for 3 long hard weeks but she is home now and is showing off what she’s learned. We still take her to training on Saturdays to socialize with the other dogs and she and Cody train daily. She has been to Sams club and the grocery store with us and stays right beside us. She’s a happy girl and still LOVES the water!


Luke’s Story

Having done just a little research into the puppy business, it becomes obvious there are lots of folks out there looking to make a quick buck. Well, no worries here; Kim is all about earning a fair and honest buck. Maybe the first thing to recognize about trainingcanines is that Kim selects puppies with only the best genetics bred by the most responsible breeders. Each is beautiful, naturally calm, self-assured, watchful and intuitive. Having owned dogs forever, I’ve known several, though each wonderful in his/her way, who were somehow fundamentally troubled, due, I think, to incautious breeding. This will never occur if you select a puppy from among Kim’s pack of beauties.


But as wonderful as each of her pups are, I was lucky enough to be matched with the very most wonderful dog in the whole world! Kim has described Luke as being uniquely empathetic, and I’ve seen this every day we’ve been together. I have a combination of disabilities making so many simple movements slow and difficult. Whether he’s waiting for me to put down his food, or let him out into the yard, or help rescue a chew toy gone missing under the couch, or to roll over to the far side of my bed to help boost his back paws up to where his front paws have gone, he takes a time out and waits with greater patience than any human being I’ve known. But this isn’t only his genetic disposition; in largest part it is because he has known nothing but love and enjoyed 15 weeks of nothing but productive, calm, self-assured, patient, watchful and intuitive human interaction.


Since the day Kim decided Luke would be the right litter member to be matched with me, six or eight weeks ago, I fell in love and wanted to come get him right away. But letting Kim work with him the entire 15 weeks was best. During these most impressionable days I could not possibly have done him all the good she has done. Luke is the best of all possible dogs!

Kim, thanks forever!

Finn’s Story

Dear Kim,

I’m writing to let you know just how pleased we are with our little man, Finn. Words cannot describe how awesome he is. As far as raising a puppy goes, he could not be more eager to please, as well as laid back, yet confident wherever we go. We attribute this, in large part, to your unique program. Your competent training and loving, yet consistent attitude, is not only evident in person, but in the affection and love you demonstrate on your training videos.


We are most impressed with how quickly he bonded with us. I do admit he is the center of our universe, right now, but the way he instinctively knew that he was to be a “special friend” to my granddaughter is uncanny. He adores her. He is making a huge difference in our lives.


Thank you for the difference your are making by offering the start in life that these fur babies so critically need. We see some grand adventures ahead, and we promise not to let him outsmart us, although that will prove to be quite a challenge. Your advice and support have been invaluable and we look forward to a long relationship.


Your friends,
Janis and Savannah

Gibbs’ Story

After months of watching Kim at work with the puppies on the Training Canines website, we decided that we wanted one of her golden retrievers in our lives. We decided to stop to meet Kim and the puppies on our way to Myrtle Beach. The rest is history. We now have Gibbs in our lives.


Kim, your love for and training of the puppies is so evident in Gibbs. He is the calmest little guy. He adapted so quickly to our home. From the first day he zipped up and down the basement steps and, after only three nights, he was sleeping soundly in his crate the whole night through. He walks well on the leash and loves to visit the nearby park. Rarely does he bark, but he is interested in and carefully watches everything. He now chases chipmunks and birds that dare enter “his” yard. He loves the neighborhood kids, and they visit him often. He also loves other dogs that he has met and plays well with them.


Gibbs brings such joy and energy to our lives and makes us laugh, especially when he runs into the lilies in an attempt to hide a toy or tries to catch and “tame” his tail.


Kim, you raised such a wonderful little gentleman! Everyone comments on his behavior— his calmness and sweetness. He is so easy to love.


We want to thank you also for always being just an email, text, or phone call away if we have a question. It’s great to have that continuing support.


Pat and Gary

Gibbs’ Update



Looks like all your new puppies are doing well— so cute and so smart!

I don’t want to overwhelm you with Gibbs stories, but I really wanted to share this with you.

Yesterday, Gibbs and I were walking at the park. We ran into a group of special needs adults with their caretakers. They really wanted to see and pet Gibbs. One young woman in particular wanted so much to pet him. However, I was a little reluctant because she was constantly moving her arms and would yell loudly as she did so. They assured me that she wouldn’t hurt Gibbs, but I was afraid that she would scare him.

It was amazing to see. Gibbs sat and looked at her and waited. He was not afraid at all; he was very patient. It took the young woman three tries, but she was finally able to control her arms well enough to pet Gibbs. She calmed as she petted him. Gibbs loved the attention and simply licked her hand. The other young adults also spoiled him with attention.

What a wonderful puppy!

Just wanted you to know. Have a great day!–Pat

Emma’s Story

Hi Kim,

Just a little note to let you know how Emma is doing. She has adjusted well for the first week. Her and Molly are inseperable. They eat, play, and sleep together. She listens well. Took a few days for her to master going up the stairs, but Molly was in the way. I think because they are carpeted. I took her to the Nursing Home to see my friend and every one loved her. They couldn’t believe how calm she was for a puppy. She just sat there taking in all the attention. She is sleeping through the night in her crate and once in awhile she wimpers. Molly will come over and lay next to her until she is asleep again. She is walking well on a leash and loves to explore. I’ve seen other puppies and the vet and PetSmart that aren’t even close to her. I strongly believe in all aspects of the 16 week training she received. That and the love you give all your puppies shows in their behavior. Anne and I love her so much. Thank you for making her such a wonderful puppy. And lastly thank you for all the return phone calls and emails.

Thom, Anne, Molly

Josey’s Story

I am an occupational therapist and work in a post-hospital setting where I work primarily with elderly individuals recovering from various conditions. I was looking for a dog I could bring to work with me everyday with the goal of her becoming my therapy dog. I had a huge checklist, because she basically needs to be my therapy side-kick. I discovered Training Canines and was very impressed by what I saw through Kim’s website and videos.  I began emailing Kim, where we began a 2 week dialog regarding what I was looking for. She is so quick to respond and give me honest information. One of my biggest concerns was my lack of knowledge regarding training dogs, I literally had no clue where to even begin with training a dog. Let me say, Kim is SO wonderful! She took the time to train me how to train my pup. She even took the time to come to my work to help me, and we are still in contact.  I brought Josey home 3 weeks ago, and she started working with me that following Monday at 13.5 weeks old. It’s unbelievable how well she does at such a young age. She is really, really well behaved and great with everyone able-bodied and disabled. People are amazed that Josey is as calm as she is for being so young. I am so pleased with Josey and the training she went through. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Kim and her pups. Thanks again Kim!

Josey Update

Hi Kim!

Just wanted to send you an update on Josey. Mixing up the treats like you suggested really has helped with her attention. She does SO well walking with me when I’m pushing a wheelchair, it’s like she knows she has to be on her best behavior. She is also doing really well having more freedom in the gym.
Due to rain we didn’t go camping for the 4th of July, but we are planning on going this weekend. I’ll try to get some good pictures. Here are a couple pictures of Josey that my coworker took yesterday. She’s the best dog, I couldn’t ask for a better side kick. Hope all is well with you and the pups!

Emma’s Story

I’m in LOVE!!! Emma is the sweetest puppy. She truly is a product of all Kim’s dedication. When I meet Kim it was being reunited with an old friend. What Kim does with her puppies is incredible . I thank God every day for sending me to her. Contact me any time with questions. I can’t remember when I’ve been this happy. Emma is so sweet and respectful with Kaley, my 12 year old cocker. Thank you Kim for giving me a life with Emma.

Patti Shivley

Props for Kate O’Neil

Hi Kim,


Inside my puppy yard (49 feet x 36 feet) which is in the back yard and has a 5 ft. fence, we dug out a 2 foot wide maze all through the 4 foot snow. She loved it; but it has kind of melted down now. She romps through it, climbs over the walls, and tunnels in the sides of the walls.


At first, the snow was a solid 4 feet high, and as we stepped through the snow, it made great craters….and she managed to climb through all the mess. This really helped her to secure her footing, which makes me happy that she will be able to work on a rubble pile, because she already has confidence in her climbing.


Also, we practice daily on her sit and down and here and leave it.

She is sleeping well through the night. She really lets me know when she needs to go outside. She plays with the big girls for short times but only supervised. They are good with her, and everyone is getting used to each other. She loves to tug!! She growls at it, throws it around, pounces on it….it is a riot. She is happy and thriving very well.


I am very happy with her; and glad she has a big play area that is safe (although filled with snow). Oh, she is going to Homeland Security at the end of February…..they are dying to meet her!!! Many thanks to you again for trusting in me with your pups. -Kathy

Kate O’Neil Update

“She took her 1st boat ride yesterday while the other girls were doing water recovery, and she was just great…..nothing bothered her. She walked around the boat while we were going pretty fast, held her feet pretty steady, didn’t jump in, laid down when needed, and walked off and on the dock very well.

So much to throw at her, but summer is short, and now is the time.
She really looks so much different than the girls….flatter head, flatter tail, flatter feet,…….we think she is a lab! (lol) She really acts like a crazy little lab and I love that; somehow I just have to get that focus in. No fear tho……completely willing to try anything like it or not. I think I could strap high heels on her, and she would walk in them.
Anyway, hope things are going well. Will keep you updated!”


Casco’s Story

Casco’s Story

Dear Kim,

I am in love with Casco! He is an amazing companion. From the ride home (which involved a car, private plane and a boat all in one day) to the island in Maine and ever since he has amazed me. He is extremely calm and attentative. Everyone he encounters immediately loves him and praises me on the amazing job I have done with training him to be social and gentle. Don’t worry, i do not take the credit for him, I immediately tell whoever he meets about his amazing upbringing by you and the dedication and training methods you implemented. Casco was immediately social and loves to be in the spotlight. He walks through the ferry terminal with hundreds of people around and never loses his focus of being with me. The first day he went into the hotel we own in Maine he was happy to give everyone he met an autograph (hand shake) if they asked. For being only four months he is amazingly calm, walks well on the leash, immediately responds to “here” by coming to me and tapping my fingers, sits, shakes, “down” (lays). From the first night he was comfortable going into his crate and sleeping through the night. He follows me around anxious to be told what everything is…the foundation “to learn” that you instilled in him is not only apparent but it is amazing. Thank you for Casco!
Joe VanWhy

Lily’s Story

Hi KIm

Took Lily to the Vet today. Everybody at the Vet’s office loved her and were amazed at how well behaved she was. You can be proud of Lily and your training program. The more time I spend with Lily the more I appreciate your work. Thank you.

Frank and Priscilla

Gus’s Story

“Friends and family are amazed that Gus arrived at our home so well trained. He is quite a curious pup but always follows direction when a command is given. We truly love the newest member of our family. Thank you for all of your hard work in his “infant/toddler” stages!

Matt & Kathy

Tucker’s Story

“Kim, you are so right! What a little stinker. He is like a rubber cannon ball that is bouncing around from wall to wall. It is certainly changing our way of living. He is so adorable, I’m just trying not to spoil him. I think we are going to get a lot more exercise. Thank you so much for giving us a new reason for living.”

Jan Cochran

Nikko’s Story

“Nikko is soooo smart!!  He gives us his ball, comes up to a sit from down, gives us his paw, sits at door and waits till we say ok before he goes out and hasn’t had one accident in the house.  He is unbelievable!!” Patty and George

Hunter’s Story

“Hi Kim,

Tomorrow Hunter will be five months old and we have had him for five weeks! He is such a great puppy! People are always remarking on how well behaved he is. To us he is a delight, he is so affectionate and we just love him. You know, I just wanted a golden retriever puppy after losing our boy Tucker. Our life was so empty without a golden in the house to love. It seemed impossible, it was going to be months of waiting, until I came across your site and saw Hunter. The fact that he was trained was a nice bonus but not something I was looking for. Boy was I mistaken, his training has been awesome. I am constantly amazed that we have a puppy in the house and nothing has been destroyed, we can all sleep through the night, and we don’t feel we have to have eyes on him every second. Other than a couple of accidents the first week until WE were trained to pay more attention, he is totally house trained. He gives us the “look” when he needs to go out and if we are not paying attention, a short bark gets us moving! Thank you Kim, you and your program are awesome. He is absolutely the smartest and most observant golden we have had, and we have had goldens since 1983. I really think all of the time you spend with the puppies sharpens all of the senses and helps them to really learn to use their brains to the fullest. This is in addition to all of the basic skills you teach them but I do not think that this brain skill is something that could be taught later, incredible. I tell everyone who says they can’t believe we were willing to go through having a puppy again how easy it is because of the wonderful job that you did. I am already saying that in a few years we will need to get a second puppy from Kim. I look at your Facebook page all the time and tell Mike we will have to start visiting the next puppy at 5 to 6 weeks old just like Kimo/Bob! Mike just rolls his eyes at me. So thank you so much for somehow saving Hunter for us. I know it was meant to be.”


Olivia’s Story

So far so amazing. Olivia had so much fun in yard and walking to neighbors. So smart. She is so sweet and spunky. Love Livey! ~Jackie