Our Facilities. Our Neighborhood.

Our Puppies Live and Train at our Home in Statesville, NC


This is our training center which holds our learning castle and other fun learning items.  We have various items such as bicycles, wheel chairs, tunnels, a vaccumn cleaner, and various props to teach the new puppies all about our world.  We also expose the puppies to real life.  When the puppies are old enough we walk the neighborhood.  We encounter all well meaning neighbors, kids, squirrels, other dogs and whatever else may be!  It is just like when the puppy comes home to you in your neighborhood.   We are so proud to be able to offer these puppies an amazing start on life.

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Our Puppy House

We have two buildings that serve as our temperature controlled puppy quarters.   This is where our puppies eat, sleep, and watch television. Saturday morning cartoons are a must here!  We have a side yard, for our potty training, along with an area for our puppy pool, obstacle course, puppy maze and more. The puppy sleeping areas are adjustable in size so we are able to utilize the ability to control their space in our training program.   We often hear that our puppy quarters are better than some hotel rooms!