Calm and Confident English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

My goal with this post is to educate our potential clients on the differences you will find with a puppy from Training Canines.. We are presenting you with this information so that you will be able to make an informed decision when comparing puppies from various breeders, training methods, and price points.

First lets talk about our puppies genetics. Our puppies come from a strong line of pedigreed European breeders. For those clients looking to show their dog, this breeding line contains many International Champions. Please see information provided on the links on our site of the specific pedigree information. Most importantly the parents of our litters have gone through various health checks for eyes, hip, elbow, and heart. Whatever breeder you choose, make sure that you have strong lines and that they health check their dogs. A difference you will find in your search for a golden retriever, is that some breeders call their puppies, English Crème, White Goldens, European Goldens, or American Goldens. According to the Golden Retriever Club of America, there is only one name for a Golden Retriever, and that is Golden Retriever! The variation comes from the color of their coat, ranging from very dark to very light. In the eyes of the AKC there is no “white golden” just an extremely light colored golden. We have experienced from the same litter various shading from extremely dark, to those “looking” almost white. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1500-$3500 for a six to eight week old untrained puppy that is from a strong line and the parents have had the specific health checks performed.

Next lets talk about the training the puppies receive at Training Canines. Our system is based on science. It is formulated on what, how, and at what age your puppy will learn various skills. It is extremely exciting, because we are able to give these puppies the best possible start on their lives. We start with early neurological training at just three days old. We also introduce scent training at the same time. Training in this fashion has developed strong confident puppies. Our puppies learn to think and make choices. Dogs communicate with each other by body language. They quickly learn what is acceptable and not acceptable by their mothers and littermates. We actually invoke the littermates and their mother to teach the individual puppies specific tasks. Our system is one of a kind, developed by constant research and years of trial and error. We are always looking to add to our program and enhance the ability of what our puppies learn. For this reason, we can honestly say no other trainer or breeder is doing what we are with our puppies. It is not all about being able to sit, or down, or walk loosely on a leash. Confidence is the biggest gift we can teach the puppy. Put in perspective our puppies don’t know any other way. By exposing them to positive situations and teaching them the proper manners from the start, this becomes a natural way of life for them. The first sixteen weeks is the most crucial learning stage for a puppy. Many of their adult habits are formed during this time. It is amazing to us to see just how much they learn, but what fascinates us the most is they want to learn! Look how far science has taken our children with early learning programs. Just in the past ten to fifteen years with computers and audio and visual training. We are exposing our children to various learning tools far sooner then they can even talk. This is the same concept we have taken with our puppies here at Training Canines. We are keying into all the early learning stages and developmental stages that will never be able to go through again in their lives!

Providing this one of a kind training to our puppies is priceless. We are creating foundations for many people that are looking for companion, therapy and service dogs. We are also able to help the pet dog owners get off to the right start with their new puppy. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best to our puppies and educate their new owners to the best of our ability.

There are many golden retriever breeders that are selling trained puppies across the internet. We encourage you to compare and learn about each one. They all vary on training methods, and price points. You will find puppies less expensive than ours, and you will find puppies more expensive. Puppies are not to be purchased on a whim or price point, they are forever! This is an important decision you will make bringing a new puppy into your family dynamics. It is not something to be taken lightly. We feel very strong on the homes that our puppies will go to, and that will be to only the best possible homes. We have devoted many long hours and truly a labor of love into each and everyone of our pups, and are truly committed to breeding and raising happy and healthy puppies!

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