Socialization is CRUCIAL To Your Puppies Success!!

Socialization is critical in every puppies development. Social patterns are formed and a great deal of learning occurs regarding the puppies surroundings, people, and other dogs. Our socialization program is divided into stages to insure the proper exposure along with many health risks younger puppies face. Most veterinarians recommend not taking puppies to public places where other dogs have been, prior to all the puppies vaccinations. This must be handled with extreme care as we have a short window of the initial socialization period, before a fear stage enters the puppies development. Often times the two coincide prior to the final immunization. Training Canines has developed a step-by-step process in socialization training in order to receive the maximum results in the most positive fashion.

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Extended Socialization

We offer an additional concentrated socialization program. We will keep your puppy an additional 4 weeks for extensive training program. This includes taking the dog to several public places that they were not able to attend prior to their last immunization. During this time they will also be taught other proper puppy manners such as waiting at the door, leave-it, sit before being petted by a stranger, distraction training, are just some of the behaviors they will learn.

Our exteneded socialization program includes the puppies being introduced to children, dogs, various people, places and things. We train them in our neighborhood, so this way it truly gives them the unexpected. On the video below you will see “Emma” aka:Mila is out for her morning walk. She encounters some neighborhood dogs running at her. No worries the dogs are friendly, as I do know who they are.

Companion & Therapy Socialization Training

Many children, disabled, and elderly people could benefit greatly from just having that special puppy or dog in their life.  Petting a dog has been proven to lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety, attain better physical health, along with providing a reason and purpose for people with moderate and severe depression.  All of our puppies are trained in some sort of basic assistance even from an early age.  With our companion and therapy dogs they are taken to local nursing homes to experience different smells, sounds, and people.  Companion and therapy training takes months even up to a year depending upon traits desired.  To be certified through the National Registry for Therapy Dogs, dogs must be one year of age and have passed their  AKC Canine Good Citizen, along with being tested in two different medical facilities. We can help you with foundation training or work with you to achieve your certification.

Early Therapy and Assistance Training

Our puppies are taken to our local nursing home so that they are exposed to the sounds, smells, wheelchairs and other medical equipment that they will encounter as a therapy or assistance dog. Visiting with various special needs people, and learning to make initial contact is a skill that we focus upon. Below is a short clip of Casko one of our English Golden Retriever puppies on his very first visit to the nursing home. Awesome job Casko!

Filmed 7/24/15