Available Trained Labrador Retriever Puppies

Please make sure to check our pricing page as we sell trained puppies.  Our programs run from 11-15 weeks of age.  The cost of the puppy with the training ranges between $5600-$7000.

As of April 17, 2018 we have one girl available from Tala and Blizzards litter of eight.  All others have been spoken for.

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 Early Scent Testing!

What we like determines our personality.

Filmed 1/24/18

Learning Patience

Filmed 7/19/17

Leave it x 2

Filmed 7/14/17

Manners at the Door!

Everyone must be sitting!

Filmed 1/4/17

Crate Training 101

The crate is a good thing!

Filmed 1/4/17

Waiting at the Door!

We worked harder and look now!

Filmed 9/27/16

Sit Challenge!

Can your dog do as well as Ralph?

Filmed 9/18/16

 The Leaf Blower!

Fall is here so we need to teach them how to use the leaf blower!  (LOL)

Filmed 9/29/16