Training Canines | Available Trained Labrador Retriever Puppies
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Available Trained Labrador Retriever Puppies

As of 11/18/17 we have one puppy that is 27 weeks old.  Wanda is an extremely smart dog that we have continued to work with as her drive and desire to train is amazing.  She has been a part of our DVD series that we have just filmed. We are now looking for a home for her.


She is an active girl that is super sweet.  Inside she will hang out and cuddle on the couch.  She loves to learn and LOVES to train.  She is very athletic and would be great for any type of dog sport, as she can clear a 3′ fence as if it was a track hurdle.   She has a gift of scent capabilities that are through the roof.  She could do nosework, or even be taught to hunt.  Her obedience is very good, and she will sit, lay and stand from 75′.


Her outside manners (when not in a fenced area) need work.  She has a nemesis and it is called a squirrel!  She will chase them, however when she is done, she is right back at your feet because she has a fantastic recall.  She has a hard time walking the neighborhood as well, because of all the smells and all the squirrels, so she does pull on the leash when she sees them,  she needs work on “leaving the smells”.  She is very strong, so she needs someone that can withstand her strength when needed.


She would be great for a family that may have a larger piece of property where she could run and play, and not worry to much about neighborhood walks.  She is not the type to want to be in a crate all day while someone is at work, as she LOVES hanging out, people, and going for car rides. We want her in a home as soon as we can.  We will sell Wanda for $4000, which is thousands of dollars under her value, because we know she needs a special person and home.  She will make someone an amazing dog, and we want her to continue working and training as she loves it.  We are hoping for someone who has some time to play and continue to train her, but mostly love her, as she is literally one of the most loving dogs we have ever had.  She just gets overly stimulated with smells and squirrels!

Our next available litter is due to arrive the mid January.

Wanda – Available

Wanda – Available

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