Available Trained Bernese Mountain Dogs

Please make sure to check our pricing page as we sell trained puppies.  Our programs run from 11-15 weeks of age.  The cost of the puppy with the training ranges between $5600-$7000.

We have one girl left from Sgt. Pepper and Path’s litter born November 23, 2017.  She is 15 weeks old as of March 8, 2018 and is available to go home at any time.  Gertrude is a sweetheart and very smart.   She gets a little unsure in new places and new people. She will give them a little bark first, like to say watch out for me and then she lets them pet her tail wagging and all.  We would like her to be in a home that she will be with her family as much as possible as she truly is not a crate fan.

We will be discounting her price, in order to find her the right home as soon as we can.


Please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see our daily activities of our puppies.  Links are provided at the top of the page.

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Miss Orange

Early Scent Introduction