Training Canines | Trained Bernese Mountain Dog, English Labradors, & English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies
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 Pet, Therapy, & Assistance Trained Bernese Mountain Dogs,

English Labrador & English Golden Retriever Puppies

Welcome to Training Canines

At Training Canines, we believe in giving puppies the best possible start on life. We have developed a one of a kind training program to concentrate on the early developmental stages of the puppies. Our Empowered Puppy Program™ focuses on teaching puppies to be calm, and how to deal with the stressors of our world. Our training goes much further than obedience, as we address the physiological and physical needs of the puppy. We do not use clickers or electric collars in our training. We simply show and explain what is expected. This system is so easily transferable that everyone in the family will be able to follow the system with success.

Wilbur is only 8 Weeks Old!

Look at Wilbur on his first try!

Filmed 5/9/17

At Only 11 Weeks Old

Jethro is Amazing!

Filmed 3/15/17

Learning Our Right and Left Paws

Prince and Darryl  learning the difference between right and left.

Filmed 8/30/16

Obstacle Course

Here is Sasha showing what she can do at 6 1/2 weeks old!

Filmed 7/13/16
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What Makes Our Puppies Different?

How can you possibly train your puppy at that early when they are still with the breeder? Simply put you can’t! We work with English Golden Retriever breeders (also known as White Golden’s), English Labrador  and Bernese Mountain Dog breeders. After the puppies are born, we bring mom and the pups to our facility. We begin training the day they arrive and mom helps us every step of the way. Who better to learn from than their own mother!   This is just one of the reasons why our program is so amazing, because we are able to start your new puppy training at a mere three days of age! The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is the most critical of all learning. In fact they will never learn as well or as quick, than at this point in their life.


Often people think shelters and rescues are just filled with mixed breed puppies. I volunteered over 500 hours at a rescue and found to my surprise purebred Labs and Golden’s  were often there. Wanting to make a difference and knowing that it is impossible to change the world, I developed this program that allows us to works with breeders, and concentrate specifically on early puppy development.


Please go through our site, and watch and learn with our puppies. Contact us with your questions, and let us help you through the process of bringing the right puppy into your family.

Our training system is so easily transferable, even a five year old boy has two puppies doing as he asks!

Video filmed 6/17/15.